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Allpro Security Awareness Training

Creating a more secure tomorrow starts today

Allpro Security Awareness Training uses the award winning KnowBe4 program to deliver engaging and educational training that is not only important to know for general online safety, but is relevant to the work you are actually doing. After signing up we will craft a curriculum for your company that is tailored to fit the specific threats that may be targeting your industry. 

Before the training starts we will send your employees fake phishing emails that allow us to track who clicked on links inside them. This is not done for punitive reasons, it allows us to gauge where the biggest areas of improvement are and further curate the training to meet your specific needs. After training has begun phishing emails will be sent out periodically to gauge the progress of users and identify areas that still need some improvement. 

Security awareness training is not a "do it once and forget it" proposition, it is an iterative process that builds upon knowledge gained over time. If you are interested, please fill out the contact form below and we will reach out to you soon!

  • Pricing Information:
  • $50 one time setup fee (per company, not per user)
  • $36 annual fee per user
  • If you are an Allpro RMM subscriber that pays monthly, the fee can be added to your monthly invoice.